Freight Rates

About Us

  • Freight Rates India is a Hindi word - meaning trader or businessman. Freight Rates is devoted to agency / distribution / franchise business
  • Freight Rates is the largest and oldest portal on distribution channel related business information
  • Thousands of Manufacturers, Importers, Traders etc. visit Freight Rates in search of suitable agents/distributors/ franchise everyday
  • Large number of individuals and businesses from all parts of India visit Freight Rates for agency/distribution/franchise related opportunities
  • Both groups, namely companies and aspiring agents/distributors/franchise, interact freely at Freight Rates and negotiate mutually beneficial relationship
  • Ace InfoBanc Private Limited (InfoBanc) is the organization responsible for development of this online initiative
  • Ace InfoBanc has been disseminating value added information on Indian Business, Trade & Industry. Since 1997, it has helped large number of Indian and overseas companies to transact business through its network of B2B Portals
  • InfoBanc is a pioneer in Internet-based global trade service in India.
  • We invite manufacturers/ exporters/ producers / buyers / agents / distributors / logistics operators and related service providers to join this information sharing / dissemination initiative and multiply your respective businesses. This is a great networking platform where everyone wins. Let us all make Freight Rates a phenomenal success
  • Our team comprises of people with background in international trade, research and information service, software, content development, editing, website design, marketing, etc. We have the skill, vision and most important the dream and determination to achieve what we have set out to achieve
  • For More Information - Please visit InfoBanc.Com